"L'éveil au Cercle" - "Awakening to the Circle"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

University of Ottawa - May 15: Conference "Canadian Mining Companies: Leaders in Health and Environmental Destruction?" Guatemala and El Salvador case

Hello everyone,

In the context of the International Mining In-Justice by Canadian Corporations, we are hosting several presentations by Central American environmentalist leaders.

We invite you to attend the conference that our organization is sponsoring which will host members of communities affected by Canadian mining corporations in Guatemala and El Salvador at the University of Ottawa. The presentation is this Saturday, May 15th at 2pm. Please see following invitation for more information or visit


Laura Avalos


Asociación Salvadoreña Canadiense de Ottawa y Región de la Capital Nacional /

Salvadorian Canadian Association of Ottawa and National Capital Region


Ottawa, Canada

Email: ascorcan@gmail.com

Tel: 819.319.0904

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