"L'éveil au Cercle" - "Awakening to the Circle"

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Important New Concepts for the Discourse on
Self-Determination In Canada /Sheryl Lightfoot:
Canada's 'Overcompliance' With Rights Helps Maintain
Colonial System;

Harper's New Crime Laws to Hit Native Youth

A Four Arrows News Summary & Report

Canada's 'Overcompliance'


Mixed Circles Open to Aboriginal Men and Women

Where: Odawa Native Friendship Centre
12 Stirling Avenue, Elder’s Lodge

Date: Every Wednesday starting Sept. 15th

Time: 6 – 8 pm

Periodic visits by Cliff Summers (Oneida) for
Cultural and Ceremonial Teachings

For more information, please contact
Vince Kicknosway at Tel: 613-722-3811 x 236

Funded by the Aboriginal Healing & Wellness Strategy

Click on Link to View Poster: Odawa Cultural Circles


Mohawk Sovereignty Aired in Financial Post,
Indigenous Peoples in International News,
Debate Sharpens Against Reserve Privatization

A Four Arrows News Summary
Mohawk Sovereignty..., Etc.

Call for Participation

posted for Cherry Smiley

Truth and Revolution: Aboriginal Women
Weave the Resistance
Dear Sisters,
Do you, or someone you know, have a story
to tell? Do you want an opportunity to tell it?
I'm looking for 582 Native women to lend their
stories and images for an art project about our
struggles, our resistance, and our pride as
Native women.
The media usually presents only one side of
our stories, if that. They tell the public only
about our struggles and the poor conditions of
our lives. While these stories are true and
shouldn't be ignored, I want to acknowledge our
full stories, all sides. I want to tell our
stories of poverty and loss, but also of our
resistance to these things and how we get through
them. I want to tell our stories of abuse and
struggle, but also of our successes, our talents,
and our pride. I want the public to know the harsh
realities of our lives but I also want to celebrate
518 years of our resistance in the face of colonization.
Sisters, I am respectfully asking and inviting
your participation in this project. Please email
truthandrevolution@gmail.com if you are interested in
participating. Check truthandrevolution.wordpress.com
for project updates.
With Respect,
Cherry Smiley
About the Project
As of March 2010, the Native Women's Association
of Canada had documented 582 cases of missing and
murdered Aboriginal women across Canada. We all know
the actual number is higher, and we all see stories
about this come and go in the media. My mom and I came
up with the idea for this project together. We see
this project as a response to the media coverage and
co-optation of our missing and murdered sisters by
non-native people. We see it is a statement against
colonization, racism, sexism, and violence against women.
But primarily, we see it as a celebration of our
strength and resistance as Native women.
This project will include 582 photographs and
interviews of Native women across Canada, myself
and my family included. Some of the things we might
talk about in the interviews include: the foster care
system, residential schools, prostitution, physical
violence, sexual violence, colonization, racism, sexism,
discrimination, welfare, reserves, city life, poverty,
health care, disability, addiction, employment, family,
friends, survival, resistance, pride, success, traditions,
stories, talents, goals, etc.
I will audio record each interview and also plan on
videoing parts of the process. This project will hopefully
result in 1) an installation that uses the photos, audio,
and text from the interviews, 2) a (possibly self-published)
book using the photographs and text from the interviews,
and 3) a video project, specifics undecided at this point.
Currently, I have no budget. What I do have is respect,
determination, and a desire to tell our stories. At this
point, I am financing the project myself.
Eventually, I will be asking for participation all
across Canada, every province and territory. For now,
because of lack of funds, I am looking for Aboriginal
women in and around Vancouver, BC. If you are outside this
area and want to participate, please email me anyways,
and let me know you're interested. This will help to
plan for the future.
I hope to complete photographs and interviews by
September 2011.
Aboriginal women who want better lives for themselves
and for our future generations, and who are willing to
share their stories and images, are welcome to email
truthandrevolution@gmail.com with your name, contact info,
and a bit about yourself. Also feel free to email
if you have any questions about the project, or if you
are emailing on behalf of a woman who does not have access
to the internet. Check project updates at
<http://truthandrevolution.wordpress.com/> .
Women who are selected to participate will be
contacted in the upcoming months.
About Me
My name is Cherry Smiley, and I come from the
Nlaka'pamux/Thompson and Dine'/Navajo Nations.
I live as a visitor on Coast Salish Territories
in Vancouver BC. I am a member of the Aboriginal
Women's Action Network and I work occasionally at
a rape crisis centre and transition house. I have
studied at universities in Australia and Scotland,
and I currently go to school for Film, Video,
& Integrated Media. I have a lot to learn and am lucky
to have many teachers around me.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Canadian Government Forgets To Recognize
International Day of Indigenous Peoples

UN Study on Indigenous People and the Right
To Participate in Decision-Making (p. 5)

The Drive To Turn Reserves Into Private Property (p.23)

A Four Arrows News Summary & Report

Canadian Government Forgets International Day of Indigenous Peoples

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Subject: « Terres en vues/Land InSights » vous a envoyé un message sur Facebook...

Terres En Vues a envoyé un message aux membres de Terres en
vues/Land InSights.

Terres En Vues
Terres En VuesJuly 26, 2010 at 1:20pm
Objet : Présence autochtone: Programmation mois
d'août/ Festival Programming for August
(English follows)

À Montréal, sous le tipi géant, se déploiera le plus
grand wampum au monde alors que la Place des
festivals sera, l’espace d’un week-end, transfigurée
par l’art amérindien et ses symboles animaliers.
Dans ce décor vibrant, prendront place des
performances inoubliables: les Boréades de la danse
Loto-Québec, avec des danses amérindiennes du
Canada de la Bolivie et du Mexique; deux projections-
concerts de Nanook of the North, accompagnées de
chants de gorge inuit, avec 8 concertistes sur scène
sous la direction de Gabriel Thibaudeau, compositeur
de renommée mondiale; des démonstrations des arts
et métiers issus du plus loin de l’occupation humaine
de l’Amérique; et, pour terminer, en collaboration avec
Amnistie internationale, des paroles de sagesse pour
vivre en harmonie avec la Terre Mère.

Toutes ces activités seront présentées gratuitement
dans le cadre des vingt ans du festival Présence
autochtone, les 6, 7 et 8 aout 2010, sur la Place
des festivals.
Information: http://www.facebook.com/l/3954bS8rZRUR_805TyXxlEClaaQ;www.nativelynx.qc.ca

Samedi le 7 aout de 15 h à 20 h

Vendredi 6 aout et samedi 7 aout à 21 h
Le compositeur Gabriel Thibaudeau dirige
un octuor, qui inclut des interprètes inuit de
katajak (chants de gorge), accompagnant la
projection de l’immortel classique de Robert Flaherty.

Dimanche 8 aout de 10 h à 15 h
Sculpture sur bois et sur pierre, vannerie, taille de
silex, perlage, etc

Dimanche 8 aout de 15 h à 18 h
Paroles des sages pour la Terre Mère (en association
avec Amnistie internationale)

In Montréal, under a giant tipi, the largest
Wampum in the world shall be unveiled, and
the Place des Festivals, for the space of a weekend,
will be transformed through Native art and its
animal symbols. Within this vibrant décor,
unforgettableperformances will take place:
Loto Québec’s Boréades de la danse, with
Indigenous dances from Canada to Bolivia to Mexico;
two projections/concerts of Nanook of the North
accompanied by Inuit throat singers, with eight
performers on stage, under the direction of
world-renowned composer Gabriel Thibaudeau;
demonstrations of visual arts and craft techniques
practised since the earliest human occupation of the
Americas; and to conclude, in collaboration with
Amnesty International, words of wisdom for living in
harmony with Mother Earth.

All these activities in celebration of the twentieth
anniversary of the First Peoples Festival are presented
free of charge, August 6, 7 and 8, 2010, at the Place
des Festivals.
Information: http://www.facebook.com/l/3954bS8rZRUR_805TyXxlEClaaQ;www.nativelynx.qc.ca

Saturday, August 7 from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Friday, August 6 and Saturday, August 7th at 9:00 p.m.
Composer Gabriel Thibaudeau shall conduct an octet,
including Inuit performers of katajak (throat singing),
accompanying the projection of Robert Flaherty’s
immortal classic.

Sunday, August 8 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Wood and stone sculpture, basket-making, flint-cutting,
beadwork, etc.

Sunday, August 8 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Words of wisdom for Mother Earth (in association
with Amnesty International)

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