"L'éveil au Cercle" - "Awakening to the Circle"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2011 Powwow Calendar

The 2011 Powwow Calendar - Forever Dancing, Volume II is now available. This is the 2nd edition and was sold at powwows across Ontario last summer. If you already have yours, thanks for supporting this unique project. If not, now is the time to order, quantities are limited. (Please go to Facebook search: The Calendar Project to view front and back pages of this year's calendar for your convenience. The back page does not reflect images inside the calendar, each page is unique. Please note they are copyrighted).

This is an awesome 12 month calendar, beautiful action pictures of Traditional Powwow Dancers from around Ontario. They are wonderful as gifts and giveaways.
This calendar is unique, not available in stores, and are only $5.00 each, plus postage. The date pages are in Ojibwe and English, useful as a reference or teaching tool. We can discount quantities on orders of 20+ to groups and organizations.
Please note each year a percentage of the sales is donated to Native Healing and Wellness programs in Ontario. If you would like to qualify for this donation fund, please send a letter outlining your program. Donations are made usually around January or February. With the purchase of each calendar, your are also helping to support Native Self Employment.

Send an email to 2011powowcalendar@gmail.com for more info or to order.


  1. How can I order a calender ?

  2. You can order a calendar by sending an email to 2011powowcalendar@gmail.com.