"L'éveil au Cercle" - "Awakening to the Circle"

Monday, December 6, 2010

Public event: Indigenous Peoples threatened with extinction in Colombia

Last month, Colombia’s National Organization of Indigenous Peoples (ONIC) brought a devastating message to a special session of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights: at least 64 of Colombia’s 102 Indigenous Peoples are at risk of physical or cultural extinction in the face of the devastating effects of an ongoing internal armed conflict and the imposition of development projects in Indigenous lands without their free, prior and informed consent. When an Indigenous people disappears, so too does its culture, spirituality, language, ancestral knowledge and traditional practices - indeed a whole world is extinguished forever. The ONIC has launched an international campaign to respond to this emergency, and is calling “on humanity to recognise the situation of risk to Indigenous Peoples as everyone’s problem”.

Come hear two leaders of the ONIC speak about this courageous Campaign for Survival and Dignity and how you can support it.
  • Dora Tavera Riaño of the Pijao People is ONIC's Councillor for Women, Family and Generation
  • Flaminio Onogama Gutierrez of the Embera People is ONIC’s Councillor for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights and Peace

When: Wednesday December 8th at 7 PM

Where: Amnesty House, 312 Laurier East in Ottawa (between Russell and Chapel).

For more information or to get involved, contact pjkelsall@hotmail.com

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